What to wear

I often get asked what to wear when I do portrait sessions. My one rule is that I want you to be comfortable, to wear something that will allow your personality to shine through! If that’s a great graphic tee or your favourite cocktail dress we’ll have a brilliant photo shoot! I do suggest two outfits or a different top or sweater/jacket to give some variety to the photos.

What to wear…
· jeans make for more relaxed, fun, and modern photos.
· colored shirts photograph best, jewel tones like deep purple, crimson, navy, emerald green and gold.
· graphic T’s are a GREAT way to show your personality! (But I suggest skipping the shirts with large company logos on them.)
· accessorize!! Bring hats, wear jewelry, scarves, umbrellas, any fun “thing” that means something to you as a family.
· make sure your shoes are nice too, as I will often get shots of your feet.
· wear shoes you can comfortably walk in, but bring some fab or your favourite heels shoes for some shots too!
· don’t bring all formal wear/dresses – a good mix of jeans, casual and a dress turns out best.
· wear clothes that are the same level of dressiness. Don’t dress up and have your family wear their everyday street clothes.

What not to wear… but this is just my opinion!
· if you don’t wear khakis in real life, don’t wear them to your session! 
· skip the solid, white shirts.
· no plaids/thick stripes (when you sit down the pattern can go all funky)!
· you don’t have to match exactly, come on now, how often do you go out in public dressed the same? Let your individual personalities show in your outfit(s) through a similar concept or feel to your dress.
· wear something you love, and make sure it’s ‘you’. It’s best not to wear something you are going to wish you didn’t wear in a few weeks.
· patterns go out of style quickly, and the background usually has enough texture that patterns can sometimes make the photos too busy.

Other things to remember:
· plan on having a good time. 
· the best time for photos is in the evening when the light is soft, and we have the chance of catching a beautiful sunset.
· if there is something you want us to avoid photographing it helps if you let me know. That way I can work with you to keep the scar, tattoo, part in your hair, or whatever you want me to keep out of the pictures out.
· if you want to have your dog or pet in some of the photos, it would be best to have a friend come along to watch him/her while we are taking other shots.

Layer, layer, layer
As with all design principals you apply when decorating your home, texture looks fabulous in photos! By adding a blazer or fun scarf, not only does it make the picture look more complete, you can drop the layers toward the end of the shoot for a completely different look. Denim jackets, vests, cardigans, scarves, tights… these are all ways of adding subtle patterns and textures into your photos without being distracting.

Have a wild card
I always tell my clients to have someone be the stand out “wild card” in the photos. I like picking a fun, crazy pattern like an animal print or hounds tooth cardigan. You can also have that “wildcard” wear the accent color as their main color. It mixes things up and can pull an entire look together.